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Welcome to the Speed Builder open beta for android os 6-8 (API 23-28).

Speed Builder is a fast paced mobile game in development that combines town building and resource management with split second decision making. Keep your village alive for as long as possible!

Develop your town and construct buildings to help your villagers escape the raging forest fire! Keep your villagers well supplied to stay alive, build bridges to cross cliffs, remove obstacles, gather resources and generate your own, upgrade your town! Got past the fire? Great, now a horde of zombies come charging in, or... is the ground collapsing???


  • action packed gameplay, simple yet addictive!
  • town building on the fly! Upgrade your buildings for a more effective town!
  • quirky art style, lots of villagers and bandits-
  • did we mention bandits? Get rid of them or they will steal all too precious resources!
  • loads of achievements and leaderboards...

Huge array of disasters and levels, each with their own strategy! See who can outrun the most disasters and run for the longest!

Release Notes for version 1.01 (3):

Speed Builder Beta supporting Android version 23-28

Thank you! Your request was sent to the app developer.