box bounce
Version 0.1.11
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box bounce

press or hold to come down. bounce on as many boxes as possible. earn coins by hitting special blocks. spend your coins on hats, backgrounds, and skins in the store.

Release Notes for version 0.1.11:

box bounce 0.1.11 - new skins, difficulties, and unlockables 07/29/2019

  • 27 new box skins

    • 3 unlockable via leveling up
      • level 10: happy
      • level 20: donut
      • level 30: black suit
  • 3 unlockable difficulties - classic

    • easy: the classic you know and love. unlocked at level 1

    • medium: more challenging, more blocks. unlocked at level 15

    • hard : the most blocks, the most skill. unlocked at level 25

    • turn difficulties on and off in the options menu

    • if you have more than one difficulty on it will randomly choose between all on

  • misc

    • moved high scores button to main menu
    • new credits button in the options menu
    • redesigned level up pop up, will have a nice message and reward image if there is one
    • the difficulty of the classic run is shown on the 'tap to start' display
Thank you! Your request was sent to the app developer.